General Orbic Questions

What products do you offer?

A wide range of products for any need, with affordable pricing for any budget. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, hotspots, routers, and wearable devices, to name a few.

Do you offer mobile plans?

Our products can be used with specific mobile providers, including our partner Verizon. Check your carrier for details.

Do you work with any carriers?

Yes! We offer exclusive devices through Verizon, and more coming soon.

Product Questions

What wearables do you offer?

Currently, Orbic offers a smart watch for tracking your health. Check out the SmartWrist as an addition to your healthy lifestyle

Do you have the latest smartphone technology?

We sure do! Orbic has the latest 5G technology in quality smartphones — without the high price tag.

Can I buy products right through Orbic?

Yes, you can! However, we have select products exclusive to Verizon — you will see the Verizon branding on individual product pages when it is a Verizon exclusive product. Note, those product pages link out to the Verizon store for purchase.

Orbic Gallery FAQs

Which devices is the app compatible with?

Orbic Gallery is compatible with any phone or tablet running Android 13 and below and
is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Is Orbic Gallery available as a desktop / online application?

Orbic Gallery is not available as a desktop or online application.

How do I store media in the cloud?

Youneed to be signed in on the Orbic Gallery app to use the cloud.

You can sign in with Google, the same Google account that you use for the Google Play
Store, to upgrade other apps.

Please view the FAQ "How Do I Upload Photos And Videos From My Android
Device" for detailed information on uploading your content to the cloud.

How do I upload photos and videos from my Android device?

Uploading content such as photos and videos to the cloud using Orbic Gallery is easy. There are two ways to do this.
Method 1: Automatic Upload
Set it up and forget about it.
You can set up the automatic upload for photos and videos as they are taken with your camera on the phone:
– From the screen Settings or the main menu, go to the screen Uploads
– Select Turn on auto-upload
You can configure the upload by media type: you can choose to upload only photos, videos, or both.
You can choose to upload automatically only the Camera roll, all media folders on the device, or selected media folders.
Now, whenever you take a photo or a video, they will automatically be added to your Orbic Gallery.

Method 2: Manual Upload
You can manually upload content anytime, from any screen, such as photos, videos, or favorites [1] [2].
You may notice an empty cloud icon on items (photo or video) not in the cloud in the bottom right corner. Clicking this icon initiates the upload process.
You may select as many items as you would like to upload all at one time. To do this, simply check off the photos or videos from the album you are uploading by tapping the displayed thumbnails or dragging your finger across. The items will display a check overlay. Click the icon "upload" to initiate the process.
You can track the upload status by going to the screen "uploads," which will display the queue of the items waiting to be uploaded. You will receive a confirmation notification once all your items are successfully uploaded.

How do I upload photos and videos from my iOS device to my Orbic Gallery app on my Android device?

Currently, we are working on a way to do this, and once it becomes available, we will announce it.

Is cloud storage free?

Yes, up to 5 GB of data.

I ran out of the 5GB of free storage; what do I do?

If you need more storage, there are paid plans such as 50GB, 250Gb and 1TB of data. You can subscribe to pay on a monthly or annual basis.

Alternatively, delete your media to free up some storage.

Is the Orbic Gallery storage the same as Google Photos or Drive?

No, the Orbic Gallery is independent of Google, and the storage is entirely handled by Orbic.

Can I have a Google Cloud and an Orbic Gallery on the same device?

Yes, they are different cloud repositories.

Are there any paid storage plans available?

If you need more storage, there are paid plans such as 50GB, 250GB, and 1TB of data.
You can subscribe to pay on a monthly or annual basis.

How do I subscribe to a paid plan?

Go to [3] in your browser and sign
in with the same Gmail address you used for the Orbic Gallery installed on your device.

This website works on desktop or mobile browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

How do I change my plan? Can I upgrade or downgrade to other paid plans or the free plan?

Yes, please visit  and sign in to change your plan. For details
on storage plans, please visit

How do I search for a media item?

Your desired Tag can tag a photo or a video, and you can search for a media item bysearching for the tags. Please view the FAQ "What is tagging and how do Iuse it?" for detailed information on how tagging works.

What is tagging, and how do I use it?

Tags created by the user need to locate those photos from your uncle's bbq. Well, you can do just that with the use of a tag. Instead of tediously combing through hundreds of pictures, you can search for the Tag you've labeled them under, like "bbq." Tagging your photos on Orbic Gallery is easy. Tagging your photos will help you to find photos more easily, group similar images together, and enhance your search capabilities. Want to see photos from all of your beach vacations at one time? Please search for the Tag you saved them under (i.e., beach, summer, leisure, etc.).
To tag a Photo:
– Click on the photo that you wish to tag — the photo will appear full-screen on your screen
– On the left, click the "i" button (the Information button) — a box will swing out from the left side of the screen
– Click "Add Tag" — a cursor will appear inside the Tag box
– Type the name of the Tag you wish to add and hit "Enter" — the Tag you entered will appear, and another Tag box will appear, just in case you want to add another tag.
You can add as many Tags to a picture as you want!
To search for a Tag:
– Click the "i" button of a photo that has a Tag that you want to search on (i.e., you click into a beach vacation photo to find all photos with similar Tags)
– Click on the Tag you want to search on (i.e., "Summer") — You will be taken to the Tags screen, where all photos with the same Tag (i.e., "Summer") will appear.
(NOTE: We are working hard to continue to improve our Tagging capabilities – keep an eye out for updates.)
Tags created by the app
The app automatically adds Tags to the photos and videos. For instance, you can identify all the photos or videos uploaded from the Camera Roll by tagging "Camera."
Every time you upload a photo, the photo will be tagged with the folder's name from your device. Head to the Discover screen to locate your cloud content categorized by the source folder.
How do I share my photos and videos with only the people I want to share with?
You can share your media with your friends and families using MiDrive.
You may find the below FAQs useful:
● "What is MiDrive?”
● "How do I create a MiDrive?"
● "How do I invite friends to MiDrive?"
● "How do I add photos and videos to MiDrive?"
● "What are text cards, and how do I use them?"
● "How do I use sections?"

What is MiDrive?

MiDrive is the perfect way to stay digitally connected to the ones you care most about.
You, your family, and your friends can create a shared space to collaborate on
photo and video albums.

What exactly does that mean?

Orbic Gallery makes storing memories easy for users.So, imagine that your family has a giant family reunion every year. You have 25 cousins, six pairs of aunts and uncles, and let's remember your brothers andsisters. Everyone is taking pictures with their various cameras, phones, andtablets. Wouldn't it be nice if all these photos were accessible in onelocation? That's where MiDrive can help out.All you have to do is create a MiDrive and invite all your family members to accessthat drive. Now you, your 25 cousins, and even your Great Auntie can uploadtheir pictures to your account. This way, everyone can access all the photos inone spot. Creatinga MiDrive is easy. You can start building digital media collaboration with yourfamily and friends with just a few clicks. MiDrivesare private, secure spaces to share and chat with friends and family. Sendand store your group's memories in one organized spot.Make ityour own with fun customization features. Createas many MiDrives as you'd like for individual events or friends and family groups.

How do I create a MiDrive?

Creating a MiDrive is easy with just a few clicks.From the main menu, click on MiDrive and then click on Add/Plus icon to create aMiDrive. Please give it a name. Then, you can add photos and videos and invite friends andfamily via email or SMS to collaborate with you. You can create as many MiDrives as you'd like, and there is no limitation on the numberof items or collaborators. You can also set it up so tagged photos and videos are added automatically to aMiDrive. For example, all photos tagged with the location "Paris" are automatically added.

How do I invite friends to MiDrive?

Let's get the party started.You must go to the MiDrive list and locate the drive you want to share with friendsand family.Once in, there should be an icon to "Add members." There are two ways toadd friends: by email or by SMS. A search feature also lets you quickly find a friend among your contacts. Enter your custom message, hit the "Send" button, and that's how easy it isto invite others to your MiDrive.

How do I add photos and videos to MiDrive?

Go to the MiDrive screen from the main menu of the app, find and click on the MiDrivethat you'd like to add items to.Click the plus icon and select items from the device's folders or from the cloud. Another way to add items to your MiDrive is directly from the screen of the item youwish to add. Use the three dots menu or 'Hold and Flick".And that's all there is to it. You're now an expert MiDrive user, so start adding those photos.

What are text cards, and how do I use them?

Text cards are a helpful way to organize your MiDrive. Imagine you are going on atrip and want to create sections for every day of your journey; you can addtext cards to talk about where you went that day and elaborate on the picturesyou added. Text cards allow you to add more detail to your MiDrives and helpfriends and family who look at your MiDrive better understand what you did onyour trip, for example.

How to use text cards?

To add a text card, tap the three dots menu at the top right corner of the screen. Tap the "Add text card" button. A text card should appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Drag and hold that box where you want your text card, then lift your finger. Add your text and caption, press Next, selectwhich color you want your text card to be, and click Done. Don't worry if you have placed it in the wrong place! You can move the text card to a different location at any time.Suppose you want all of your textcards to be the same color. Switch the toggle on the bottom of the color page so it is in the on position. To stop adding text cards, tap the left arrow at the top left corner of thescreen. To delete the text card, press and hold the text card, and then whenthe menu at the bottom of the screen pops up, tap "Remove fromMiDrive."

How do I use sections?

Add Sections
To organize your MiDrives, you can add sections. To add a section on a mobile device, click the three dots menu for the MiDrive, then click "Add section." Once you add a section, you can name it. To name a section, click the three dots menu for the section, then click "Rename." You can put pictures into that section by dragging the pictures.
Add Section Cover
You can customize your sections by adding a cover and picture to the section heading. On a mobile device, click the three dots menu for the section, then click "Add cover." The next step to adding a cover is picking the photo you want for your cover. Once you have done that, click next to choose the color you want for your cover. If you want the color for every section to be the same, slide the toggle below for color options. That's it. You have now customized your section header.

Rearrange Sections
You can switch if you have decided that your sections aren't in the order you would like. On a mobile device, click the three dots menu for the MiDrive, then click "Rearrange sections." Use the three lines as a handle to drag each section to where you want them. You can continue switching your sections around as often as you wish. Additionally, when you move a section, the pictures in that section will move with the section header to keep your content from being rearranged or switched into the wrong section.

section header so that none of your content gets rearranged or switched into the wrong section.

Business Questions

How does Orbic help my business?

We offer business solutions for companies of any size. Visit our Enterprise Solutions page for more information

I’m having trouble with the Enterprise Solutions page. Help!

Reach out to us on the Contact Us page, and someone will be in touch with you!

My business is ever-changing — How can I add more phones to my Orbic Multiline plan?

Visit [  ] or Contact Us for help!

General / Alt Questions

How can I work with Orbic?

Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch about job opportunities, partnerships and other business inquiries

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